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William Wordsworth

One of the best Old English poets of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, William Wordsworth is best known for his involvement in launching The Romantic Age to the literature of his time. He formed a highly productive partnership with Samuel Coleridge, and together the two introduced a book entitled, Lyrical Ballades . From a young age, William Wordsworth showed his propensity to poetry and writing in general. Today he is considered one of the best English poets of our time.

Early years

William Wordsworth showed poetry potential as early as his school days. Some of his school poems have even been archived in some of his compilation works and people are still amazed at how good he was at writing poetry at such a young age. Since that time it was never in doubt that he would grow up to be an excellent poet. In fact there was hardly a phase of William Wordsworth’s life that did not involve his love for poetry.

Romance in literature

Samuel Coleridge partnered with William Wordsworth to collaborate on a number of romantic literary pieces. The culmination of this work was finally published as Lyrical Ballades . These two talented writers were highly acclaimed by the literary world during the end of the eighteenth century because of this work. However, the two had already established their reputations as poets and writers before this collaboration took place.

Old English poetry at its best

Wordsworth captured the beauty of romance from so many angles. He had a talent of then presenting that beauty in words that conveyed their meaning so well. His poems also hold such a rich ‘Old English’ style that is hard to beat in more modern poetry. It is notable that the works of William Wordsworth have not dissipated in popularity but actually appreciated in it over the decades.

While most of William Wordsworth’s poems relate to subjects of a romantic nature, he is also well known for other topics such as nature and family. These however pale in comparison to the lyrical ballads compiled with Samuel Coleridge. Since his work, not many writers or poets have managed to come close to the unique style of this talented man. His work is immortalized in our literature books today and he will always live on every time someone reads one of his poems.

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