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Essential things to apply to make your essay brilliant

Many students struggle with their papers, afraid that they cannot make a brilliant argument or craft the right prose for their teacher’s approval. Thankfully, there are many tools out there that can help you.

If you want to make sure your essay is brilliantly written, then you need to apply a few essential things. These are laid out below:

When you are writing an essay one of the best ways for you to present your argument is using the organizational structure known as the Toulmin Method. This organizational structure is quite common and can be easily followed when writing your paper.

The format is as follows:

Claim: this is the thesis for your paper.

Data: this is the evidence you have gathered in support of your claim.

Bridge: this is your explanation as to why or how your data supports your thesis. This may also be the primary supposition that joins your facts to your theory.

Foundation: this is any additional reasoning or logic which may be necessary in order to support your bridge.

Counterclaim: this is a claim which disagrees or negates your thesis.

Rebuttal: this is evidence which disagrees or negates the counterclaim.

Having a well thought out bridge is essential. If you present data but you fail to explain to the reader exactly how it supports your thesis, then your readers may be unsure. They may not know or realize just by reading the thesis and the data. They may even draw a different conclusion than you wanted.

You should also make sure you include the opposite side in the argument. Including it as a counterclaim will enable you to figure out what the other side in your argument is saying, and then responds to what they are saying within your paper. This will show the audience that your paper is not weak and that there are refuted arguments within it. You can also find common ground with a wider target audience. By including the counterclaims you will look like a more credible author, because you will have knowledge about the entire debate rather than just your one side. Including only one side in the debate will make you look uninformed or biased. You can even include multiple counter claims to show that your research on the subject was thorough.

Doing all of these things and applying these techniques will ensure that your essay comes out as brilliant as you and that you earn a top grade in your class.

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