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10 over used persuasive essay topics to avoid

Argumentative essays toe the line and give both sides of a topic a fair explanation. Persuasive essays are like argumentative essays if they were allowed to have their own opinions. They actually aim to make the reader feel like one view point is accurate and not the other. With all that leeway to write as you feel, you may still find yourself trying to write what is expected rather than what you really feel. To avoid that trap, here are a few overused persuasive essay topics you should stay away from:

Are leaders born or made?

This goes back to nature versus nurture and as most people will tell you, we’re affected by both. No need to beat a dead horse.

Are sugar-free drinks unhealthy?

There have been several instances where a diet inspired substance has been found to be carcinogenic or the cause of severe gastrointestinal distress. This is also old news.

Should children have television limits?

Parents have complained about children’s viewership of television since it was invented. Unfortunately, they use other devices instead no so this topic is both overused and outdated.

Is recycling a worthwhile pursuit?

Recycling is great for the planet when done properly and there is little to be gained from explaining that further.

Does the fashion industry promote unhealthy body images?

The answer to this question is too easy to merit investigation.

Should politicians have term limits?

In the right hands this old topic could be polished up and made to shine but it has still been used frequently enough to deserve to be retired.

Is the music industry rewarding low morals?

There have always been two different sets of rules for the haves and have nots and there is very little that a celebrity is not allowed to do. This essay would only come across as jealousy.

Does exposure to sex education lead to promiscuity?

This topic has been covered in excess by people with conservative religious agendas and little more can be added to the conversation.

Does therapy work?

Many people have questioned the value of therapy in treating mental illness regardless of evidence of people it has helped but this essay need not be written again to address that.

These essays may once have had value but they have outlived their usefulness and then some. Do some soul searching and a much more appropriate topic will come to you in time.

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