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How to choose a proper type for an essay

More often than not you will be told what essay type you are writing. If you are given the freedom to choose then you can select from a variety of styles.

Narrative Essay

This is an area of writing where you will have a chance to write about yourself in a way most essay types do not allow you to do. Sometimes your own personal information will be stuck in your memory and they might be worth diving into in order to get something useful out for your reader. Tell a story, do not be so formal in this. Tell them from your own point of view and talk about how you feel about things when you are writing.


What is this type of essay all about?

This type of writing is going to be using reason and logic to try and show that one idea is more legit than another. It is trying to persuade a reader to take on your point of view on a topic or to do a specific thing. This always needs to use some sound reasoning and has to be backed up by real evidence.

Exploratory Essay

Generally, the concept behind this kind of essay is that you want to begin without the ending in your mind. This means you do not know exactly how you might feel about a subject or even what you may want to end up saying, but you will do research and allow that to figure out the outcome. This is writing to learn as opposed to proving something.

Informal Essay

This type of essay is generally going to be written for joy. That does not mean that it can’t be informative or persuade someone of something, but it is not a formal statement and is more like an expression of humor or pleasure in an opinionated and informal way. This type of essay is relaxed but has a good structure which is slightly less rigid than a formal paper would be.

Other essay types include:

  • A compare or contrast essay
  • A cause or effect essay
  • An argumentative essay
  • A persuasive essay
  • An expository essay
  • A definition essay
  • A description essay
  • A research paper
  • A literature review
  • A dissertation

And of course many many more which you may be assigned throughout the course of your studies.

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