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How To Improve Essay Writing Skills: 5 Helpful Suggestions

The essay is an assignment that so many students have to write many times in a variety of classes over their lifetimes. If you are struggling with this, know that it’s normal for the homework to get more complex as you advance in grades or get higher degrees in university. You are increasingly expected to think about and evaluate deeper topics instead of just making a conclusion on something taught in class. Learning will stretch your brain and in every subject, even in the sciences, you will be asked to write this kind of work.

Writing skill improvements

You have a high likelihood of some point in the future, needing writing skills for papers or written tests, and if that scares you, then you should practice and get better at it to be more prepared. Here are some tips on doing that:

  1. Figure out what isn’t working—the best way to do this is to actually have another person, ideally someone who is good at writing, read something you have written and tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are
  2. Study up on the places you are weaker in, and don’t just memorize grammar rules but put things into practice and have a friend critique them
  3. Make use of your word processor’s built in spell check but be wary of it as well, because there will be errors it won’t catch, as well as marking some correct sentences as incorrect from time to time
  4. Check for passive sentences. Using passive voice (John was bitten by the dog) instead of active voice (the dog bit John) can cause confusion and isn’t as clean sounding when read
  5. Use simple, clear language. It is a good idea to expand your vocabulary, and it can be fun to know some longer, cooler sounding words, but always use the one that you know the exact meaning, for example “use” instead of “utilize”

Even though writing does not magically get better without focused practice, it’s good that the individual parts of good writing can be learned and improved if you follow the steps listed above. Not all the tips might be ones that work for you, but you won’t know that until you try them. You should also do writing for other things than school work, such as journaling, reading widely (both fiction and nonfiction), and maybe even asking to write a short piece for your school’s newspaper.

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