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Why the United States should have a slavery Memorial

Commencing in the seventeen century, slavery in the America began in order to supply low-cost labor. The enslavement of people, especially the blacks, was widely embraced in the southern states. This slavery continued for long, and defiance to halt it remained a century longer even after the enactment of Amendment 13 in the year 1865.Today, 154 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, little is evident of any significant award of deserving attention to the legacy of slavery and its meaning in modern America. Racialism and other effects of slavery played a core role in forming the social conditions and attitudes that shape the United States Identity. I, therefore, believe we should found a slavery memorial in the USA to teach us history, and help us draw valuable lessons for our present and future.

It has been a desire of many African-Americans, through efforts to honor the Civil Rights Movement, to understand the expanse black historical story in full. Especially true is the narrative of slavery and the dreaded Middle Passage that initially brought Africans to the Americas. In itself, this interest by this group of people to comprehend and identify with their historical past is a sufficient rationale to have a slavery memorial in the USA.

Despite the need for a slavery memorial, its entire realization will not be without challenge. It is in the public domain that the commemoration of slavery is a controversial issue. The issue is contentious to both African Americans and whites who hold opposing views over how best (or even whether) to recount these disturbing recollections. It is without doubt that slavery in America devastated and traumatized many people in the past generations. It bore sad tales about racial disparity, a problem that still persist in the 21st Century. It also cultivated prejudice and racial discrimination from which many nations have not fully made progress. I hold the view that a slavery memorial can strengthen people’s knowledge of racial past, and develop a distinct; better dialog on the race subject in America. I firmly believe establishing such a memorial in the United States will be a significant step towards overcoming the challenges introduced by slavery. In addition, it will be an opportunity for American Citizens to learn more about themselves, their past, and hopefully, their future.

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