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The Little Rock Nine

The little Rock Nine was a clique that was comprised of nine students who were all African Americans. The Little Rock Nine had joined a school by the name Little Rock Central School. The school initially was racially segregated. It had been a school for the Whites. No Africans were allowed to enroll in the school. Later on the constitution was amended and there was the banning of racial segregation in all schools in the public. This became a difficult situation and some school boards and management were against this kind of system. Some of the politicians too were against the integration of children from different races into the same schools. However, since the constitution was very clear, Little Rock Central School after several board meetings decided to implement the law as stated in the constitution. Students from the other races previously segregated were allowed to enroll in the school. The Little Rock Nine were the only blacks who chose to enroll in Little Rock Central School.

National Guard Blockade

Some people did not like the idea of racial integration of children in schools. Some politicians too were against the idea and were not ready to embrace. National Guard troops were sent to block the entry to the school where the Little Rock Nine had enrolled in. This was in protest of the new law. Some whites felt that instead of having integrated schools, it was even better to have no schools at all.

Challenges for the Little Rock Nine

The Little Rock Nine were permitted to enroll in the school and were admitted in 1957. However, these children faced a lot of difficulties in the course of their education. Though the law against discrimination and racial segregation had been previously banned, the Little Rock Nine had it rough in their new school. They had worse days. Other students who were white did not like the Little Rock Nine. The white children were hostile and abused the Little Rock Nine. The abuse was verbal and other times it got physical. They used abusive language on the Little Rock Nine. They could also throw items at them or even worse spitting on them. This was very humiliating for the Little Rock Nine. It required them a lot of courage to endure the suffering in school. Sometimes the white children went as far as pouring down food for the Little Rock Nine. The bravely endured by the Little Rock Nine was no doubt a lot.

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