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The Main Do’s And Don’t Of Writing A Synthesis Essay

Writing a synthesis essay relies greatly on one’s ability to take in information and present it in an organized and logical manner. In addition to possessing the skills, one needs to know how to organize your ideas and write in precision. There are a few things one has to keep in mind when writing and below are the main ones:

Do’s and don’ts of writing a synthesis essay.

  • Do carefully study the topic and understand its purpose. Understand the whole concept and idea behind the topic. Internalise the information and aim at presenting the ideas in the most satisfactory form.
  • Do skillfully summarize your sources and document them. You build your ideas in reference to the sources thus it is crucial for you to study them individually.
  • Do include specific examples and illustrations for your work from your source material. This will support your ideas. Make sure to cite your sources appropriately according to essay specifications.
  • Do organise your arguments in a logical manner. This will present your work in an admirable way.
  • Do aim at winning the writer’s attention by setting the right tone. This will impress your audience and steer them to read on.
  • Do use transitions to create a flow of thought in your work. Transitions will show the connection in your ideas in an orderly manner.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s work. Plagiarism is highly distasteful, and you should always write originally.
  • Don’t have only one source cited in your work. Have multiple sources to support your arguments. Having one source might not give you enough content for your arguments and will often leave you blank before completing your work as well as one source does not represent all views on the subject.
  • Don’t take credit for other people’s work that you have simply paraphrased. Be sure to give credit to the original writer at the end of your work. Many readers will appreciate your work more if you don’t forcefully take credit for another author’s work.
  • Don’t write rigidly. Make your work flexible to accommodate the change in future. You may need to add more ideas or simply erase some.
  • Don’t write in passive voice. Maintain an active voice throughout your writing.

Synthesis writing may take a lot of your time to complete but utilize the time available properly to produce content that is appealing to your audience. Religiously follow the above points and incorporate them when writing.

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