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The Proper Essay Paragraph Structure: How To Master It

Essays, essays, essays, they're everywhere! Almost all of them have persuasive perspectives from their writers about any and every topic and more are written every day. It isn't just the topics themselves that are persuasive, but the way the essay is structured that helps make a strong point.

To start, the proper format would be to draw an outline which will be the framework for the essay. The beginning paragraph will take the thesis statement and use it to take the reader right through it. Here are some of the basics for how to master the proper essay paragraphs structure.

Divide And Conquer

All of these essays are written to convince the reader of something in a linear way, meaning that from beginning to end the argument should flow. When a writer is creating the essay, their thought process is being documented, where questions arise to which they answer according to the argument.

But when they're presented in the text, the ideas have to be organized to make comparisons. In a lot of essays there are paragraphs written for the pros and the cons, and however many of them there are determines how they're sectioned out. The typical format for a simple essay is:

  • Beginning
  • Middle (body)
  • End

This doesn't include the thesis at the beginning. The original outline changes only the middle of the text, which turns the essay into from a three-paragraph to a four or five.


In a four paragraph essay, the beginning will set up the reader as usual and the two paragraphs in the body can be for one viewpoint against the other. So the second paragraph will be one point of view and the third will be the other point of view.

Unless the writer is savvy enough to make a linear argument and come out siding with one versus the other, this type of essay is best left for a neutral purpose. Perhaps something more factual.


With this kind of essay, the perspective is usually one-sided with three examples for the view making up three-paragraphs for the body. This is a well-paced and more persuasive type of essay because it's thorough enough to cover a perspective very well.

It's a lot like counting beats where it isn't too slow or too quick to serve its purpose. Because in each of the paragraph there is a topic sentence at the beginning. If there are six lines in each paragraph, each line carries the argument further and further into the essay.

Following these basic rules and the student will become master.

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