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What Are The Main Types Of College Essays?

There are types of college essays students are required to write to exercise writing abilities. They each have a unique purpose while being written in similar fashion. Understanding types of essays can help you prepare for writing assignments in advance. Plus, you gain insight on what to expect if you are hiring someone to write college essay about different subjects and topics. Here is a basic list of college essays you may be required to complete.

  • Persuasive essay. The writer of this essay works to persuade or convince readers to view the topic or argument from their perspective. Evidence or supporting points help provide reasoning behind beliefs of the writer.
  • Argumentative or argument essay. This essay is similar to the persuasive essay, but it has a stronger meaning. The writer works to prove a claim that is a strong argument or main idea behind the essay. This is usually on a debatable topic with two sides. The writer then takes a stand on the side they believe in.
  • Analysis essay. This essay works to provide an in-depth summary of a story or article. The writer is expected to explain in further detail how, what and why something happened or occurred.
  • Admission or application essay. This is one of the first essays students will do when they are applying to attend college or a university. This can vary in length depending on requirements. It is an important essay because it shows the school your abilities to follow directions and writing concepts.
  • Narrative essay. This assignment has students telling a story about an event or something significant that happened. In the end you work to provide a lesson learned or share something you think will be insightful to others.
  • Descriptive essay. This may be known as one of the easiest types of essays. You simply describe a person, place, thing or idea. You provide detailed insight to help readers understand as if they are there or able to touch it. You need to make sure all senses (sight, sound, touch, hearing and smell) are used to the best of your ability.
  • Cause and effect essay. This essay will describe why something happens and what the reason was in why it occurred. You provide insight on a scenario that has a cause and an effect. This may be an effect or a process. You try to identify why it occurred based on actions that took place to determine why the end result was the conclusion.

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