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Essay Writing Techniques: Composing an Introduction

A great introduction must give your audience some general information about your topic and encourage readers to continue reading. Additionally, it makes a first impression concerning your paper. That is why students should pay enough attention to writing this part of the essay. With the following steps in mind, you can write an excellent and catchy introduction:

  1. Attract your readers’ attentions.
  2. Using a hook as the first part of your essay introduction will definitely catch the readers’ attentions. There are several popular ways to intrigue your audience. For example, you can use interesting or shocking statistics; an appropriate quotation from a book, film, or a famous person; an expert opinion on your topic; or a thought-provoking, rhetorical question. If your essay is not very formal, you can start with a relevant joke or funny story.

  3. Explain your hook.
  4. You should not only use a suitable attention grabber, but also explain it. This step can help you connect the beginning of your essay to its thesis. Write something that becomes a bridge from the hook to the main idea of your paper in 1-3 sentences. Quotations and questions especially need to be clarified. The best way to begin is to create an outline of your argument. It can be, for example, a hypotheses or a fact about your subject.

  5. Write a thesis.
  6. A thesis reveals the main idea of your essay in a couple of sentences. Your thesis shouldn’t be a fact or a question, because it doesn’t give your reader enough information on what you are writing about or your position. It must be written as a discussable statement, located at the end of an introductive paragraph. Don’t forget that any thesis should only have one direction, and you cannot change it in the next paragraphs. Write the point you are arguing about briefly and try to cut out all the odd information. Your thesis must be concise but not too simple. Avoid writing in first person because it looks unprofessional.

  7. Review your introduction.
  8. An important step in essay writing is the reviewing. After you end your paper, go back to the introduction and edit it according to the body. This is needed because the main message of your essay, ideas, and positions can change and develop. It is even recommended to write an introduction after the body. Furthermore, you should definitely check if your thesis statement matches the body and the conclusion of your paper.

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