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How To Start A 5 Paragraph Essay: A List Of Useful Suggestions

Five paragraph essays contain a three paragraph body sandwiched by an introduction and a conclusion which take up one paragraph each. As with any essay, your introduction is crucial to making your reader feel excited about reading onward into your points. A poorly written introduction colors the reader’s opinion of everything it precedes. To help you start your essay well, here are a few useful tips.

Compile your points first

The introduction is the first thing the reader reads but that doesn’t mean you have to write it first. Decide on what points you want to include in your essay and then tailor your introduction so that it represents them well. It should not be redundant but it should give a good hint as to the direction you intend to take.

Write your introduction and conclusions simultaneously

Having covered the points that will end up in the essay’s body you should write the introduction and conclusion at the same time. Similar points will be included in both and this method helps prevent you from stating things to similarly in both of those paragraphs.

Wherever possible, be brief

Some people love to hear their own voices, others love to see their words on a page. Your reader may not be as inclined to love your writing as you are so it is better to write less and get to the point quickly than to wax poetic line after line while boring them to sleep. As a good rule of thumb try to strip the introduction to its most salient points and then add only what is necessary to refine it.

Check for errors (with help from someone else)

Having reached this far in the writing of your introduction all that is left is the proofreading and editing. The best writer can fall short at this stage because they think they can objectively correct their own mistakes. The problem is that their brain knows the correct version of the introduction and neatly superimposes it over what’s really there. For this reason it helps to ask someone else to do your proofreading. Their fresh, unbiased perspective is more likely to catch subtle errors.

These tips can lead even a novice writer to create a well written introduction that any essay would be lucky to have.

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