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Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Create An Essay

Step #1 Select A Subject

Before you can begin writing your essay you will need to select an intriguing subject to write on. Try to choose something that you are genuinely interested in. Doing this will naturally increase the likelihood that your essay will be enjoyable to read- Not to mention writing on subject that interests you will make the writing process less boring.

Step # 2 Select A Topic Relating To Your To Subject

The next step is to come up with a specific topic related to your subject. For example, say you have chosen “The History of Rock and Roll” as the subject; Music in the 1950’s could be your topic. The topic is a specific part of the subject that can be developed into a thesis.

Step # 3 Do Some Preliminary Research

After you have chosen a topic you should begin doing a bit of early research. The way that you do this is by reading information about your topic in general. As you do this write down some ideas that come to mind. These will later be used to help you develop your thesis.

Step #4 Draft A Thesis

The very next step is coming up with an original thesis. The way to do this is to think about a single idea regarding your topic and make a remark about it. For example: Elvis’s early music in the 1950’s heavily influenced modern rock music today.

Step #5 Think of Examples That Will Support Your Thesis

After you have come up with a useable thesis, you now need to find supporting points to help back up your thesis remark. From your preliminary research you should have an idea of a few arguments that will help back up your thesis statement. You will likely have to do further research to develop your argument with supporting evidence.

Step #6 Draw Up An Outline

Once you have a thesis and have selected three or more supporting examples, you now need to draw up an outline. This will help you speed up the writing process. Your outline should follow the basic 5-paragraph essay structure.

Step #7 Do More Research and Fill in Your Outline

Now you are on track to begin writing, finish up the outlining by doing a bit more research to fill out your outline. Make sure you do this using full sentences, it will save you time later.

Step #8 Write Your Essay

All the hard work is now finished. All you have left to do is actually write your essay. Use your outline and create a narrative. Make sure you proofread and edit your essay once you are done writing it.

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