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How To Conduct Powerful Introduction And Conclusion Paragraphs

Regardless of the type of essay that you are required to complete, or your field of study, your assignments will always be improved when you open (and close) with strong paragraphs. Not only should the research or argumentative content be compelling, but the wording and flow should be concise, and precise.

In your introduction paragraphs, you will want to hook your reader immediately with an opening statement they cannot resist. Most people have a limited attention span, particularly when it comes to reading academic works. Also, if your instructor is marking several papers all dealing with similar subjects, then he or she may be easily bored by your paper. Make an effort to engage them right from the start.

Your concluding paragraph will be the impression that your reader is left with after considering the arguments that you have put forth in the supporting body of your paper. Finish strong, leaving them 100% convinced that the thesis that you put forward in your introduction is absolutely correct, and cannot be challenged.

Here are some tips for composing better introductions and conclusions when you are called upon to compose your next essay assignment.

Writing An Amazing Introductory Paragraph

Your very first sentence deserves careful consideration, and should catch the attention of whoever is reading or marking your essay. This first statement should be strongly worded, and lead in to your thesis. It is critical that you come up with a catchy introduction. Try using the following to open:

  • A surprising or unexpected fact or figure. This could also be expressed as a question. For example, “How did 60% of the city become infected with ebola?”
  • An inspiring or controversial quotation.
  • Humour can be a good way to get your reader interested in your essay. Everyone enjoys a good laugh!

Writing A Killer Concluding Paragraph

You want to leave a lasting impression on you audience, and wrap up everything that you have put forth in the body of your essay. Here are a few tips for finishing your paper with a bang:

  • Reread your opening statements and thesis. You want to reiterate the importance of your thesis but do not simply restate it. By your concluding paragraph, you want to have swayed the reader over to your way of looking at things. This is especially true in an argumentative, cause and effect or research essay assignment.
  • In some cases, it may be appropriate to make a powerful call to action or warning statement. You will leave your reader wanting to know more, and fully convinced that your arguments are relevant and important.

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