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10 Points to Consider Before Writing a College Essay

Essay writing gets more difficult when you have no idea of what to do. Your approach to the paper will determine your performance and the ease with which you complete the work. Here are points to consider ensuring that your paper meets the highest possible standards.

  1. The topic- the topic will guide your research work. It will determine the perspective to adapt and the writing style to be used. A topic on comparison and contract demands a different approach from one on synthesis. Understand the topic before commencing on the writing process.
  2. Formatting style- there are different formatting styles used in academic writing. They include APA and MLA. Follow the requirements of each and be consistent throughout the writing process.
  3. Unique requirements- each teacher issues unique instructions for each exercise. Pay attention to these instructions and seek clarification in case you experience difficulty in understanding them.
  4. The deadline- your working speed should be such that your essay will be complete within the stipulated deadline. You will avoid penalties resulting from delays. Leave enough room between completion and the deadline to cater for any emergency.
  5. Source of reference materials- your points need to be supported by credible points. This is only possible if you use reliable reference materials. The books, journals or publications you use must be approved for your course and level of study.
  6. The length- the amount of information needed to complete your essay will depend on the expected length. Some papers are too short that you may have to merge certain points. Others are long enough to provide room for length elaboration.
  7. Order of points- your flow of points should be deliberate and purposeful. Let the strongest points appear at the top to capture the attention of the reader. Conclude your argument with a strong point as well to leave a resounding impression.
  8. Language- every discipline has its vocabulary. Meaning changes depending on the subject. Ensure that you understand the language used in your discipline to make your work compelling.
  9. Different sections- observe the rules used in formulating different sections of an essay. The introduction, body and conclusion appear different depending on how well you adhere to these rules.
  10. Opinion vs facts- as you support your ideas, ensure that all your facts can be substantiated. There is a huge difference between facts and opinion. Even when asked for your opinion, it must meet a certain threshold of logic.

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