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Basic Writing Lessons: Words To Use In An Essay

Writing is a sequence of decisions. An essay needs to written in proper words and by doing that, it becomes interesting to read. One must know how to use words if they are to write an argumentative or persuasive essay. Below are some perfect examples of words that can be used when writing an essay.

  • As well as: This word can be used instead of “and or also”.
  • Furthermore: This word is normally used at the beginning of a sentence.
  • However: It is used for introducing a point that does not agree with what you have said.
  • Yet: You can use this word to introduce or compare an idea.
  • Despite: It is used when outlining a point.
  • Above all: It is used to add up to what you think is best for the paper.
  • Significantly: This word can be used for the introduction of a point which has a lot of meaning.
  • Notwithstanding: Also means “nonetheless”.
  • Provided that:’ Providing’ that or you can use on ‘condition’ that.
  • Not only: It is used to add some extra information.
  • Moreover: You can use this at the beginning of a sentence to support a point.
  • Furthermore: It is used at the beginning of a sentence to increase more information.
  • Notably: It can be used to mean “significantly or you can use it instead of “in particular”.
  • In conclusion: It is used for the introduction in the conclusion of a sentence or paragraph of the paper.
  • Compelling: You can use it instead of the word “persuasive”.
  • Nonetheless: Is just the same as “despite this”.
  • Nevertheless: It’s just the same as “nonetheless”.
  • Having said that: This word is the same as “but” or “on the other hand”.
  • In order to: Used for the explanation for the aim of an argument.
  • In other words: This word is normally used when the writer is expressing something in a different way.
  • To that end: It can be used to add more detail to what you are explaining.
  • What’s more: This word can be used as a substitute for “furthermore or” moreover”.
  • Likewise: Is always used by a writer when writing about something that agrees with what they have written.
  • Similarly: Can be used just like the word “likewise”.

The above words will be of help to you as you write your paper. Hope that they will be of good help to you.

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