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Essay writing techniques: how to make a solid paper within a few hours

Essay writing can be really an interesting experience for your kids if they know the techniques to craft a good essay. Essay writing does not require extra ordinary skills but just some sense of reason and order to express ideas in an organized manner without deviating from the topic assigned for the essay will work wonders for them to gain good grades for their essays. Often students find it difficult to write an essay due to lack of interest and lack of knowledge regarding the essay writing techniques which would solve all their problems.

Here are some of the techniques to use while crafting an essay for a given topic:

  1. Choose a current and pertinent topic for the essay which provides enough scope for research, arguments, claims and counterclaims and a whole lot of scope for discussion and debates. Such a topic will flush out all the ideas and concepts known by the student regarding the topic and make the essay reading much more interesting and impactful experience. Also the chosen topic must be in the interest of the student as his/ her interest towards the topic will finally reflect through the essay written by them.
  2. Collect information relevant to the topic chosen and try to maintain focus on the topic through your essay writing experience.
  3. Brainstorm over various ideas to explain and elaborate on the essay topic. Discussions with friends and family regarding the topic can also help in developing more ideas on the topic for representation in the essay.
  4. Skim through relevant sources of information for collected evidential data from credible sources in order to support your arguments and views on the topic.
  5. Create a captivating introduction for the essay which will generate curiosity on the topic. Your introduction may start with a shocking statement, a question that probes into a certain element relating to the essay, a phrase that best describes the mood of the essay or an idea that would strike an instant chord with its audience. The introduction must introduce the topic by all means.
  6. Body of the essay must include all arguments, explanations, counterclaims, evidential support for arguments relating to the topic discussed. It must have a reasonable and logical flow of ideas and concepts.
  7. Conclusion must reaffirm the basic statement and view on the topic and consist of the summary of the possible solution or best approach to substantiate the views expressed in the essay.
  8. Finally the essay work must be edited and can be presented.

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