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Black In America: The Social Injustice

To understand the social injustice and inequality of being black in America, you first have to look back in history. The ancestors of most black people were brought forcibly to America to be slaves. They were used a cheap labour and were owned by their master. The slaves had no rights nor any real possessions and they most certainly were not allowed to own property and any education was at the choosing of their master. Many highly intelligent and creative people were denied being allowed to learn to read for fear that if they bettered themselves they would rebel in order to gain autonomy and live their own lives.

Travel forward to the 1950's and 60's. Many of the black community that fought and supported American and its allies during the Second World War were denied equal status with white people when they returned home. They were still expected to travel in different parts of a bus, use different entrances to the cinema and to use different toilet facilities. It is work noting here that this practise is still ingoing in South Africa.

During the 1960's one of the greatest speech was given by Martin Luther King Jnr. The 'I have a dream' speech was notable because it used the right words at the right time to the right audience. There have been many interpretations of this speech, the one that is most prominent is that it was directed mainly towards the treatment of Blacks in America, but there is also the belief that it was also directed towards everyone and the treatment of people that may not be considered to be equal to the majority even if they are white. In other words the speech was trying to influence people to become less parochial rather than a battle cry.

Comparison should also be made to similar situations in the UK. In the 1950's people from the Caribbean came to the UK to seek employment. The notable aspect here is that people from the Caribbean were more willing to work compared to the indigenous population. You would have thought that they would be treated equally, but this was not the case.

The other major question to ask is whether attitudes have changed since America has had a black president? It is thought that change is not the case. It may be notable in US television and commercials that there are many more black people targeted but has this really made any change to the way that consumers see a product? You only have to look at resent news items to see that the racial issues in America is still a mine field.

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