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How To Write A Brilliant 300 Word Essay Without Any Troubles

 A 300-word essay might sound like one of the easier essays that you will have to complete in your academic career but short doesn’t necessarily mean easier.  Like every essay, it has to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Each one of these sections has to give all the information in fewer words than another essay.

You might think that the best way to do this essay is to give each section one hundred words to explain everything.  You could do it that way but the best way to do it is to make the introduction about fifty words, the body about one hundred and fifty, and the conclusion should be about one hundred.  This gives you enough time in each section to explain what is in your essay.

Tips On A 300 Word Essay

What To Do If It’s Too Short

  • Make sure you cover all of the main ideas and explain them better.
  •  If you summarized all your points, you can expand on them more.
  •  Change contractions like wouldn’t to would not.

What To Do If It’s Too Long

  •  Go back over your points and take out information that isn’t relevant.
  •  Make sure you didn’t go off topic or put irrelevant information in the essay.
  •  Shorten your introduction or conclusion if you put too much information in them.

General Tips

  •  Make an outline of your points to see what is going to be in the essay and give you an idea of how long it is going to be.
  • Don’t shy away from explaining the information.  I know it might be scary to elaborate on the subject because of the length but you can edit later.
  •  When you are writing if you are having trouble expanding information then leave it because chances are there is nothing more to say about that information.
  •  Don’t be discouraged if you can’t start the essay right away, essays like this need to be well thought out and planned because you want to make the most out of those three hundred words.

  The saying less is more is the perfect way to describe this kind of essay.  Three hundred words is very short considering most essays are at least a couple pages long and some can be even more.  Doing good research and planning out the essay are the best ways that you can write a great three hundred-word essay.

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