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How To Quote An Article In An Essay: 8 Tips To Remember

One way of strengthening an essay is through quoting an article essay writers. This is a significant way of citing the primary source of the information you may be illustrating. This sometimes turns out to be a difficult task for most composers. However, the following 8 points will help you accomplish this.

Use a complete statement to incorporate a dropped quote

There are some partial phrases which you can source out from the middle of the primary material. When quoting such a text, you should be sure to employ complete statements. Avoid picking out only a small section of the writing.

Full sentence quotes

When you want to incorporate this in your text, you should compose a full sentence of up to four lines. You should be creative so that you have a smooth flow of ideas.

Study the primary source

You cannot include a section of text in your work when you have not had a prior study of it. Therefore, acquire the article on time from the writer and create some time to read it through.

Note down the sections to be quoted

As you take your productive time to read through this material, be certain to have a piece of paper and a pen. Note down the specific portion of the content you want to incorporate into your paper.

Introducing block quotes

Apart from including a single sentence in your work, you can more a notch higher to slice multiple lines from the parent text. These should be consecutive and lucid sentences which carry a specific pertinent meaning in conjunction with your subject matter. They are majorly aimed at stressing your arguments.

Ensure appropriate punctuation

When you want to acquaint a given phrase in your work from another resource material, you should first employ a colon, and double quotation marks. Do not leave the sentence hanging as it is not part of your work.

What about if a block quote is inside a paragraph?

This should not worry you at any point. You do not have to begin a new paragraph promptly after you have completed to craft it. All you need to do is to append another line and then commence jotting along the left margin. Do not indent your work.

How about incorporating indirect quotes

In this case, the writer modifies the wording of the text section by rephrasing it in his or her own words. Nevertheless, you should only do this if you are certain of the message of the very section you want to include.

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