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Ethical Issues in Beauty Salon Organizations

Every company develops different policies and rules for governing its processes and operations. One of the most popular and common organizational policies is an ethical code. It sets the required standards for management, employees, and partners; so they can solve ethical issues more effectively. Besides, an ethical code helps a company promote and implement its values, and it specifies the ways personnel deals with customer problems and feedback. The latter is interesting to investigate with respect to a beauty salon, where the business should be very careful and avoid ethical issues at all costs.

The majority of people agree that if they face ethical issues in beauty salons, they would rather change the salon than face the same complications again. Therefore, the owners and management have to develop clear ethical rules and concepts that make the salon honest and a reliable place where every client feels comfortable and wants to visit it again. The ethical code should include the salon’s position concerning racial, gender, and ethnical equity. The management should state their commitment to the client’s safety, anonymity, and the right to have fair prices.

A typical code of ethics includes statements about lies, honesty, controversial products and procedures, and borderline cases. Lies have short legs, so it makes sense to set a rule that forces the professionals to tell the truth to their clients. It is impossible to use a magic wand and get a desired result. The employees do not have the right to promise something they cannot provide. They should also avoid controversial products that can cause harm. The price of beauty is high, but a professional should understand the real perspectives and tell them to the clients.

Employees must understand and accept the code of ethics, or else they cannot be part of the salon’s team. The management should explain all the rights and obligations to every employee, including the penalties of any rule violation. One of the most important obligations is related to hygiene procedures. The worst thing that might happen is any kind of health damage caused by the salon’s staff. However, the atmosphere at the workplace is important as well. The staff must treat all the clients with respect and share positive emotions.

Ethical issues are inevitable for beauty salon operations. The clients often want to see a miracle in the mirror. However, the management and professionals have to work hard to achieve the best results without risking the consumers’ health. The code of ethics can improve operational processes if every team member respects it and wants to provide high quality services.

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