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Huck Finn

Huckleberry Finn is a Mark Twain's fictional actor who initially appeared in the writing, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” in 1845 and is the main character and teller of its development, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” that was set between 1835 to 1845 although set to take place after the original “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. During the former, he is between 12 and 13 years old and a year older in the latter works. Finn gives a narration of Tom Sawyer Abroad and also of the Tom Sawyer, Detective that were two shorter developments to the initial two books.

Finn is the son to the vagrant drunkard of the town, “Pap” Finn. He sleeps on the doorsteps on a fair weather, in empty hogsheads in stormy times and living off of what he got from other people. From these actions, Huck leads a destitute vagabond life. The writer figuratively calls him “the fresh-faced pariah of the village” and defines Huck as “lawless and idle, bad and vulgar”. These qualities made him get admiration from children throughout the village despite being dreaded and hated cordially by their mothers.

In a true sense, Finn is an archetypal innocent who is able to discover the right things to do regardless of the existing theology and prejudice mentality in the South during that period. The best example of this is during a time when he takes a decision to assist Jim flee slavery even though he still believes he will definitely go to hell for doing that. His appearance is defined in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. He puts on clothes of adult men which he possibly got as charity and as Twain defines him, he was waving with rags. Again, he has a torn and broken hat and his pair of trousers is supported by one suspender. He gets all sorts of names describing him as a motherless and poor thing. Finn confesses to one Tom in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” that he remembers his mother and the relentless fighting of his parents that could only end with her death.

Generally, Huck Fin was a carefree individual whose life did not stick to the basic norms of the society and neither did he have regard for rules of the society. He stole chicken and water melons and borrowed cigars and boats. His unconventional childhood deprived him of education and gets embraced by the Widow Douglas at the end and later finds him a school as an appreciation for saving her life.

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