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The Economic Impact of Human Cloning is Positive

Cloning has long been a controversial topic among, not only in the medical and scientific community, but also in the general population. It has often been perceived that cloning first made its debut through the efforts of scientists that dabbled in the cloning of nonhuman animals, specifically with that of a sheep named Dolly. To the general population’s attention, yes, it could be argued that this was and is the case, but to the knowledge of the individuals whom have resorted their lives to the allocation of truth; this could not be farther from it.

Cloning has been in discussion since World War II with the research conducted by Nazi scientists. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that, the United States of America was complicit with the aid of other powerful elite empires in the successful transfer of Nazi scientists into the Americas through Operation Project Paperclip. In fact, it could be said, as it already has, that, America’s innovation and progression in the fields of mathematics, science, and many others have been the result of Nazi intelligentsia. The foundation of NASA was brought about through the Nazis whom helped with the building of the space exploration system. Declassified documentation has also come to reveal the C.I.A.’s involvement with Project MKULTRA and MONARCH, to name a few, which have been the results of Nazi concentration camp performed experimentation and mind control. The technological advancements that is relayed to the lay population, as the general population is referred to in the medical and scientific field, are constantly ‘in the dark’ about the origins of their treasured and beloved nation’s achievements.

Look no further than the development of the microwave, which is a Nazi invention in itself! Reverting to human cloning, of which the Nazis helped successfully innovate, the argument of a positive economic impact most famously made by the French professor Gilles Saint-Paul in an academically published paper released in October 2002 discusses among other things, that, the cost benefit analysis would in the long term be beneficial in elevating society to a more egalitarian model. Building upon the model of IVF treatments and surrogate mothers, the need for human genes to be replicated in a fashion inspired by those individuals with desirable human characteristics and traits would lead to a superior human species. Humanity would be able to reach its full potential of having and maintaining a highly productive society. Egg donors, for example, are currently requested to donate healthy egg of specified characteristic genetic traits associated with the host, or mother. Depending on the overall genetic health, of not only the mother, but of that mother’s genetic lineage, the total amount or sum of monetary funds is increased in the range of thousands of dollars. After all, as the old saying goes, “Health is Wealth.” Proponents for cloning believe that the elimination of health related conditions will occur if human cloning is eventually implemented. Thus, this would eliminate the billions of dollars spent alone in the United States of America each year on health care.

Many times over, cloning has long been a controversial topic among, not only in the medical and scientific community, but also in the general population. Despite the fact that cloning has been in the works, at least, undercover since World War II, it has picked up speed ever since. The interest in the human cloning business has spurred about much debate for, against, and mutually inclusive about the direction in which such an adoption of an activity would lead the human species. In similar respects, nonhuman animals have been the testing ground for such experimentation conducted by humans, as they usually are, bringing about the question in the future of  the agricultural business of cloned meat for human consumption. We must never forget to remember, that, the future of what is ‘fit’ for humans should not solely lie in the hands of those formulating such ideas and experimentation, but in all of humanity.

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