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A Great Tutorial That Explains How To Write A Simple Essay

One way to look at writing an essay is that all essays have an introduction and conclusion but the middle part or body differs from essay to essay.  Here are steps that you can follow to write a simple essay.

Steps On How To Write A Simple Essay

Step 1: Pick your topic for your essay.

Step 2:  Write the thesis for you essay, this can change after you do your research but start out with one that you can use to start your research.

Step 3:  Outline your introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction and conclusion will be one section each but your body outline will be roughly three or more.

Step 4:  Start your introduction off with an interesting sentence.  After that you will put your thesis statement.  Introduce all of your body paragraphs after that with one sentence.  Finish it with a goal or short summary sentence that will transition the reader to the next paragraph.

Step 5:  Next you will start to write your body paragraphs, there are usually around three of them depending on the requirement.  This is where you start to develop the ideas that you introduced to the reader in the introduction. You can do this by giving details and examples for the ideas.  Each one of these paragraphs should have a main idea and finish with a summary that transition to the next paragraph.  You should give at least two examples or details for each idea.

Step 6:  Start your conclusion out with a quick reinstatement of your main ideas.  Then reinstate your thesis in the next sentence.  The last part will be about future research or predictions you might have on the subject based on your research.

Extra Tips

  • Use strong verbs in your essay, like has, have, had, give, gave, stick, stuck, and so on.  You don’t know what I am taking about then look up list of these verbs.  If you use weak verbs then your essay will sound like it is written in your opinion instead of fact.
  • Don’t apologize for the information that you have presented the reader. It is what you think about the subject and you should stand by what you wrote.
  • Make sure that you use the correct grammar and spelling in your essay.  Also pay attention to sentence structure and don’t had in a essay that hasn’t been edited.   

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