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Dead Poets Society

The Dead Poets Society is a movie based on Welton academy, which is an all-boys preparatory school. Students are expected to learn and become doctors or lawyers later in life. Structured lessons are, therefore, offered to ensure that the boys think in a certain way. It is, for instance, criminal to have political consciousness. Such lessons continue until a new English teacher, John Keating, is introduced in the school. He introduces new ways of teaching, thus disrupting the traditional and conservative values in the school. He wills for the students to have better political and moral quality, which informs his decision to use progressive ways of teaching. In the process, the students discover that John Keating is a member of dead poets society, and joins him. This is opposed in the leadership of the school. In the end, the movie is able to extensively explore the idea of individualism.

Negative and Positive Result Of Pursuing Individual Goals

Some of the characters in the story pursue their individual goals and face the different consequences. After listening to the ideas of John Keating, one of the boys, Neil Perry, discovers his true passion. He realizes that he is an actor and decides to pursue it while still in school. However, after the parents discover the secret, he feels trapped and commits suicide. This indicates that negative outcomes can be experienced when individual ideas and pursuits prevail against the norms. Still, pursuing individual goals can sometimes lead to fatal consequences. On the other hand, one of the students, Knox Overstreet, is able to realize his individual goal by winning the heart of a girl whom he had never met before. He risks his life in the process, defies the traditions, and discovers the beauty of following his intuition.

Being Compelled To Act Individually

At the end of the movie, the headmaster asks the members of dead poets society to sign a statement that indicates that John Keating was responsible for the death of Neil Perry. Even though this is only meant to help the leadership achieve their individual goals of removing Keating from power, people act individually by agreeing to it. They fear being punished by the school, and hence make choices to favor them. In the end, Keating is betrayed by everyone and thus expelled from the school. Indeed, individualism is explored in the Dead Poet Society movie by showing that both the negative and positive results can be experienced when people act individually.

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