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The worst part of doing any essay, is always the research. It should never be the writing. This is why it is so important to make the topic, one that the student knows well. Background knowledge is essential to writing an essay in just a couple of hours. But as with many things, there is more to it than just background knowledge, and this is what will be covered here.

  1. Background Knowledge
  2. Time Planning
  3. Don’t Fear the Essay
  4. Calming Atmosphere

Background Knowledge

As was mentioned in the introduction, this is the key to writing an essay. Not only does a background knowledge help in researching, it also helps in writing the essay. When the student has a good background knowledge, they can plan what they want the essay to cover. They also have good ideas on how to word the essay, and construct it. This all plays a major role in writing an essay. Without the background knowledge, the student has no plan of action, and the writing takes excessively longer to write.

Time Planning

Time planning is another key operation to writing an essay. Once the research is done, the student should have everything complete, so they can focus on just the essay. When writing an essay, this is a Panoptic operation, so the student needs to have everything free, so they can just write. By using time scheduling, the student can set time free to focus on just their writing. Without worrying, about any other activity that needs to be done.

Don’t Fear the Essay

Do not ever fear writing the essay. When one fears doing something, it becomes hard and tedious. Instead, relax and just think of what it is that is needed said. When that is done, everything else will flow into place, and the writing becomes so much easier. In a few minutes, the student will see they have written more than they thought they could. Staying calm and relaxed, will benefit the student much more than worrying about how good the essay will be. If all the formatting, and style, and rules are being followed, which are actually easier than they sound, the writing will just fall into place.

Calming Atmosphere

Never play loud music, or the Television loud. In fact, never have the Television on, as it distracts from working. Soft, calming music, has been found to help with studying and writing. Playing music, just loud enough to hear, can help a lot in staying relaxed.

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