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The ABCs Of Argumentative Essay Writing: A List Of Controversial Topics

The ABCs of an argumentative essay are pretty easy to remember.  You want to attack the argument (A), brainstorm what your answer will be (B), create your outline (C), develop a thesis (D), execute the essay (E), and Finish with editing and proofreading (F).  The ABCs will help you write your argumentative essay but you have to come up with a topic before you can do that; here are some controversial ones that you can use.

Controversial Topics

  • Affirmative Action:  Affirmative action is controversial because any subject that has to do with discrimination is a great topic to do.  You can look at one group of people or a group that is discriminated against.
  • American Dream:  We all have a different view on what the American dream is but what is every take on it and which one do you think is the right one.
  • Body Art:  Tattoos have become very popular over the years and some still see them as a waste of money and disgusting.  While other see them as a form of expression and as art.
  • Domestic Violence:  Domestic violence is seen by most as a crime that needs better laws and stricter punishments.  With all of the coverage that is one the subject, you can argue about reform for offenders or better ways to the justice system to take care of the problem.
  • Education Reform:  We know that we are behind other countries like Asia in education but why is that?  Does that mean that we need better education reform and should educators be the ones to decide or are we doing better with the government tell us what is right.
  • Creationism VS. Evolution:  There have always been a huge controversy on this subject and you can look at them both scientifically and figure out which one is more accurate.  You can also explain why different people believe each theory.
  • Juvenile Offenders:  The criminal justice system has their own separate juvenile division but is it effective and when should juvenile offenders be considered adults for their crime.
  •  Nuclear Power:  Is nuclear power really safe?  Is it cheaper than what we have now?  Should we lean more towards nuclear or solar power?
  • Paranormal Phenomena:  I know that I am interested the subject of paranormal phenomena but are they real and what kind of evidence can you find to back up your argument if you think that it is real.

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