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How to write an essay concluding paragraph

Conclusions can be tricky. They can be considered the inverse of your introduction, but in actuality, you are writing the same bit, just dressed up differently.

It goes without saying that your conclusion will be based off of what you have written in your intro and body paragraphs, so a good conclusion will be the result of what precedes it.

Finish how you started

  • If you have made a strong argument in your intro with a solid thesis, you are on the right track.
  • The body paragraphs of your essay should touch on every aspect of your research, showing where you started and where your research has taken you since you're starting off point.
  • A successful conclusion will be the culmination and summarization of everything leading up to this point in a neat and organized fashion.

Your conclusion will be the last opportunity you have to pull together your information and make your argument tight; but it also presents other opportunities as well. The conclusion totally depends on the format and topic of the essay itself, but shoring up the reader’s support via persuasion is the goal. Take into consideration your audience, topic, and what you are trying to prove. If you have been successful, you will inspire your reader to take a stand, see something from a different point of view, reinforce something already believed, or give credence to an alternative way of thinking.

Go out with a bang

  • Let your reader know why you have brought them here in the first place.
  • Remind them of the importance of your essay and what direction your findings can take.
  • This is also your chance to present the possibility of your research becoming the springboard for future studies.

So, in conclusion, (DON’T EVER USE THAT) what is the best way to conclude an essay?

Don’t forget where you came from

  • Refresh the memory of your reader. Let your introduction resonate in your conclusion via a timestamp or recalling what you wrote earlier.
  • Persuade or provoke your reader by offering them an opportunity to apply what has been discussed in your essay.
  • Emphasise the importance of your essay by offering future consequences and effects your research may hold.
  • Present a question in your conclusion that shows your topic from a different angle, so the reader can almost see your argument again for the first time.

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