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How To Write A Literary Essay Properly: Helpful Tutorial

Are you confused because you have to write a literary essay for school? Does your teacher expect you to write a winning paper and you have no clue where to begin? Are you good at writing academic papers but the literary style is new for you? Do you have issues in completing a strong paper for your school or college? Do you think it is difficult to follow the instructions by your teacher? Do you want to write a unique paper but not sure what book you should read? Did you consider asking your friends and siblings for an idea for the book?

Do not worry if you have all these questions and concerns in your mind. You need to stay calm and focus on your assignment rather than stressing out. This article helps students understand the purpose and structure of a literary essay. You can easily write your paper if you follow the suggestions in this article.

  1. Choose the book you want to write about
  2. You need to start by making a choice of the book that you will discuss and analyze in your paper. Your teacher might have given you a list to choose from or specified a genre. You can choose a book by your favorite author, favorite genre, and history of your country or something that relates to you. You can even choose a book that you have already read so that it easier for you to write its review and save time in reading the book more than a several times

  3. Read it thoroughly
  4. You need to read the book a several times to develop a clear understanding of the story, plot, purpose, writing, author and the background of the book. Even if you have read this book already, you need to re-read a few times

  5. Find the idea or theme
  6. Based on your readings, you need to find the main theme or idea of the book. You need to discuss if it was irony, humor, black comedy, philosophical, self-help or fiction. You should be able to explain the main theme and purpose of the book and identify it to make your essay easier

  7. Analyze your judgment
  8. Read the central idea you developed and see if it is in accordance with the book

  9. Write your paper following the standard format
  10. Proofread and edit your paper

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