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Controversial persuasive essay topics to use in college

Controversy makes people uncomfortable. Strangely enough, it also makes people fascinated. They look on in horror when they see something they find objectionable and they talk about it. It’s called train wreck syndrome and some celebrities have managed to breathe life into failing careers on the basis of this alone. As a college level writer, you too can utilize this technique to make your writing just a bit more interesting. Here are some persuasive essay topics that follow in that vein.

Should abortion be legal at all stages of pregnancy?

Abortion is a highly divisive issue yet for the most part people become less and less comfortable with the idea the longer a pregnancy has continued. This essay can explore that.

Should affirmative action be more extensive in its scope?

There have been complaints about favorable treatment meted out to minorities in the United States while at the same time technology offers more evidence of continued discrimination. This essay can deal with one side of that.

Should drug use be decided by anyone other than the user?

While controversial, some countries have already legalized all drug use and this essay can state whether that was wise or not.

Is there such a thing as too much sex on TV?

This essay can argue how much sexual behaviour should be easily viewed.

Should people have the right to Euthanasia?

The practicality of allowing people to kill themselves can be looked at through this essay.

Should food addicts be treated like drug addicts?

The effects of food abuse can be examined here with respect to growing obesity as well as fat-shaming.

Does no ever mean yes?

There have been disturbing comments by politicians on the legitimacy of rape claims based on pseudo-science and this essay can look into that.

Should patients be allowed to forgo medical treatment for their minor children in favor of Superstitious practices?

This essay topic is fairly well spelled out.

Is War for profit really that bad?

This essay can explore ancient concepts of war for plunder and compare them with modern systems.

Will increased Globalization usher in the end times?

The religious overtones of this essay topic will make both sides uncomfortable until you make your perspective clear.

Seeking out controversy for attention is a dangerous game in that you may end up infamous and find yourself unable to outrun your own reputation when you grow tired of it. Pick a topic and pick a side but never forget that.

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