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Creating A Great Five-Paragraph Essay On Animal Farm

Do you need to write a great five-paragraph essay on Animal Farm? If you haven’t written a five-paragraph essay before, you may be worried about how to go about things. Well, if this is the case, worry no more, for there’s always help available; and luckily you’re in the right place! So here’s what you need to know when creating a five-paragraph essay on Animal Farm:

Read the book!

First off, you really should read Animal Farm! For one thing, it’s great! For another: there’s nothing worse than coming to write a paper when you are underprepared. Make sure that you’ve not only read Orwell’s book, but that you also have a good understanding of it.


You should read some critical analyses of Animal Farm to further your understanding. Such a classic book as this has plenty of material written about it, so be sure to research what other people think about Animal Farm before you fully form your own opinions.

Selecting a topic.

You will need to decide on a topic. Come up with a certain area of the book which you wish to focus on. The more specific and yet original in your theme you can be, the better your essay will be.

Creating an outline.

Once you have read, studied and arrived at a topic, it’s time to write an outline for the essay. It might only be five paragraphs long, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging I’m afraid! You should carefully plan what the main points are that you want to convey and how they should be presented in the limited format of this paper.

The content.

The content of a five-paragraph essay should be as follows:

  • The first paragraph should be used as an introduction. You should introduce the book in general terms before detailing your specific topic. State the purpose of the paper and what may be concluded.
  • The next three paragraphs should contain your main content. Treat these three as mini chapters to present and explore your subject.
  • The final one should summarize your main points and conclude on the issue at hand.

Write a first draft, using this structure.

Finely tune.

After you have written a first draft, it’s time for a second- and more if necessary! You need to demonstrate that you can make great points succinctly and that you are able to select crucial information to be included, so pay attention to that when it comes to re-reading and editing. The more precisely you can hit the nail on the head, coupled with creating a smooth flow of words and an academic professionalism, the more you can be certain of having a winning essay on your hands!

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