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Do not fear the essay

That will cause you to make stupid mistakes. Just relax and take your time to do it right.

essay structure

Mind Your Style

Make sure you are using the right style for the paper, and are doing it correctly. A Style guide is always handy to have at hand.

essay writing tips


Organization is the key to doing anything correctly. Don't hesitate to make plans, lists and drafts.

Writing an A+ essay is as easy as a pie

It is not hard to write an A+ essay, it just takes time and effort. Making sure all your grammar, information, and style is correct will give you a quality paper.

A list of pointers

  1. Choose a topic and get it passed through your instructor.
  2. Outline, never write an essay without an outline.
  3. Research your topic, make sure you have the data needed and can get it.
  4. Thesis Paragraph has to have as much information as your outline. It also needs to be able to inform the reader what you are covering.
  5. Conclusion Paragraph needs to be able to close the essay. It has to tie all loose ends together, and summarize the paper.
  6. Bibliography, has to be written correctly in accordance to the style you are writing in. Again double-check with a style guide.
  7. Always remember to separate full quotes from partial/mixed quotes. Different styles have different ways of doing this.
  8. Do a final write, and edit. After you do your edit, have a friend that is good at editing, or hire an editor service. There are many of these on-line that will go over your essay for a price and have a professional editor review it. Often your college and Universities have a Student Services’ department that will offer editorial services as well.


When you start out your essay, always get it approved by your instructor. Then do an outline of what you are going to do. Research that information and collect your notes and start your bibliography on two notepads. Using one for your notes and one for your bibliography will help you keep your work clean and organized. It will also reduce loss.

Never be afraid to ask your instructor questions if something confuses you, or does not sound right. You are there to learn, and they are there to teach. Do not pester them with bad questions; make sure they are needed questions.

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