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Welfare recipients

In my opinion welfare recipients should be allowed to work as their work can be a positive contribution to the society.

The first reason why welfare recipients should work is because it will build their self esteem and motivate them to find a better job and in that way they will not have to rely on welfare payments anymore. Every individual strives for a better life and being content with welfare payments might make the recipient lazy and demotivated in life. Even if the recipients work in low key jobs or just do some community service it will help them realize that they are getting a benefit in return for something which can boost their self esteem. Even if some of the recipients are disabled they can set a new precedent that by working in community service they can pass on the message to every member of the society that disability cannot be an obstacle in working and supporting yourself.

The second reason is that welfare payments are sometimes seen by other member of the society as a misallocation of funds. Most of the welfare recipients become lazy and lethargic and may become involved in drugs, crimes etc. Other members of the society may then perceive these payments as self defeating as they are not helping the recipients but actually promoting crime. Tax payers want to make sure that their hard earned money is promoting welfare rather than crime.

If welfare recipients are allowed to work for their payments then their children should also looked after. The ideal scenario would be that the child is getting a good education and is brought up to be a valuable member of the society. If one family is claiming welfare benefits then it should be mandatory for either the mother or father to work. If one of the parent stays back at home the children can be adequately looked after. Furthermore, it is also possible that both parents can alternate in their duties and sometimes the man can engage in community service and sometimes the woman can . This will have a positive impact on the children because having seen their parents work will reinforce this idea in their young minds that working hard to earn money is the most respectable and noble way to lead your life.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that welfare recipients should work to claim their welfare benefits for the above mentioned reasons.

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