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Implementation, Strategic Controls and Contingency Plan


According to Huber, implementation is the process of putting a plan or a decision to effect. In most cases, it is not only about the scheme, but it might also be a definite policy, design, model, specification, and algorithm. Consequently, it is an action that must pursue any preliminary thinking to realize the outcome of an action or plan.

Strategic Control

Strategic control concerns the process an organization adopts to control the development and execution of plans. Additionally, it entails the tracking of a strategy through the implementation process. In an organizational context, a manager ought to ask questions regarding whether the organization is moving towards the right direction or whether the changes the organization is going through are correct. In such occasions, the questions are presumptions of the institution of strategic control in an institute. The subsequent section explains the types of strategic controls.

One is the premise control where every strategy or a plan adopted by an organization bases on a particular assumption. In this case, the firm designs a premise control that checks the regularity and validity of the strategy in relation to the outcome. On the other hand, special alert control entails the rapid reassessment of a strategy by the management of an organization to bring into control unforeseen events that might derail the achievement of the desired outcome.

In addition, another type is the implementation control, which provides relevant information to the manager that helps him or her conclude that the chosen strategy is moving towards an expected direction. Consequently, it enables the manager to conduct milestone reviews of the plan at certain intervals. Besides, strategic surveillance is another type that the project manager designs in order to observe diverse forces within and outside the organization that might affect the strategy. This model is underpinned by the notion of uncovering significant information through the monitoring of various information sources.

Contingency plan

This phenomenon is a plan mostly devised by the government or business to take a possible future circumstance or an unforeseen event into account. The plan is used in case of risk management, which is projected to have catastrophic consequences. For instance, during a crisis, the government might devise a contingency plan to prepare for any possible occurrence of a catastrophic event. The significant objective of an emergency plan is to ensure the containment of an injury or damage, or loss of property, or personnel. Another goal is to ensure the continuity of the operation of the organization after a crisis.

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